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Value Proposition 

Why CG Hockey Analysis?

CG Hockey Analysis will work with any ForwardDefenseman, or Goalie looking for the opportunity to learn and grow. We believe there are too many biased opinions in key development years of players careers and we plan to change that. Our reports create good habits and open conversation about player performance, facilitating their game by limiting mistakes. We are taking players outside the Hockey setting, reimagining their game so performance becomes easy. Our professional experience provides feedback that every player wants, increasing players confidence.

Target Market

 CG Hockey Analysis creates Performance Reports that facilitates development for any 14-20 year old Hockey player trying to take their game to the next level. Our in depth player analysis will transform Minor Hockey & Junior Players into Professionals, separating themselves from competition.

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How can Transformational Leadership influence performance?

"Transformational leaders not only comfort members when dealing with challenging goals but also enhance members’ problem-solving abilities. That is, transformational leaders use intellectual stimulation to encourage members to question the status quo and approaches, and invite their opinions or solutions to improve productivity and conserve resources" (Lai et al., 2020).

Lai, F.-Y., Tang, H.-C., Lu, S.-C., Lee, Y.-C., & Lin, C.-C. (2020). Transformational Leadership and Job Performance: The Mediating Role of Work Engagement. SAGE Open, 10(1).

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