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Competitive Advantage 

  • No Biased Opinions. We separate the player from the hockey community.

  • We are 100% E-Commerce, giving clients the ability to develop from the Comfort of their own house. We are a stress free service, facilitating performance improvement.

  • Reports are created by a former Professional Hockey Player with a Masters Degree in Business, Providing Top Tier Services to Minor Hockey and Junior Players.

  • Convenient for Players. CG Hockey Analysis allows Players to save time on their development. WE do the work.

  • Our Manual in depth Performance Reports give clients the Ability to market themselves to Teams, Agents, and Scouts. With an Electronic Copy of our Report, Players can give organizations an Unbiased, Meticulous, and Well Rounded Report that illustrates a fair valuation of their game.

Founder Chris Gerrie on why you should outsource your Development

"Video sessions are great, but how do players convert that information into better performance? Here at CG Hockey Analysis we create manual Performance Reports that give clients the ability to watch their own video with our Timestamped & Audio Recorded feedback. 

 Our objective is to take the stress out of video with reports players can always refer back to. We give Clients the chance to discover their own game, while receiving unbiased feedback from a Professional."

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